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Homicide: Life on the Street

The True Test [Season 5, Episode 8] was aired on November 22, 1996 with several scenes taking place on the campus of the Boys' Latin School of Maryland when I was their Dean of Admssions and Public Relations Coordinator ["day job"]. At the time, I had the pleasure and honor of working with Kathi Ash, Location Manager, to bring the TV show to the school. 


Photo: Between scenes with Clark Johnson [Detective Meldrick Lewis], the late Ab Logan [Boys' Latin teacher] and Kyle Secor [Detective Tim Bayliss], the Boys' Latin Middle School can be seen in the background.


Trailer: Click on the above photo to view the IMDb teaser for The True Test. Then, click "Play trailer 1:16" as well as the diagonal arrows on the right for full screen view.


Description: The scene opens at the prestigious Larchfield Prep, as identified by the LP on the front gate of the school [Boys' Latin]. Both a male and female teacher can be seen walking from the classroom building behind the crossing action between Clark Johnson and Kyle Secor while getting out of a police car. Note the familiar looking male “teacher” in the tan trench coat!

The Wire

A gentlemanly bar patron in sport coat and tie offers assistance to a damsel in distress after detective Jimmy McNulty [Dominic West] abruptly plops himself down next to her.

The Wire

Check out the guy in the gray sweater having a "drink" with a buddy at a table just behind detective Jimmy McNulty [Dominic West] who is on the phone.


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Promoting "An Evening of Celebrity Fashion and Fun 2014" benefitting Pathfinders for Autism...

House of Cards

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Note the staffer on the far left from Season 5, Episode 12

Radio Commercial Spot

When my bride and I moved to Cape May, NJ in 2018, we used Fellowship Home Loans for our original loan, then refinanced in the fall, 2019 and once again in the fall, 2020. FHL felt that it was a unique story that just had to be told!

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