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The Wire

A gentlemanly bar patron in sport coat and tie offers assistance to a damsel in distress after detective Jimmy McNulty [Dominic West] abruptly plops himself down next to her.

The Wire

Check out the guy in the gray sweater having a "drink" with a buddy at a table just behind detective Jimmy McNulty [Dominic West] who is on the phone.


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Promoting "An Evening of Celebrity Fashion and Fun 2014" benefitting Pathfinders for Autism...

House of Cards

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Note the staffer on the far left from Season 5, Episode 12

Radio Commercial Spot

When my bride and I moved to Cape May, NJ in 2018, we used Fellowship Home Loans for our original loan, then refinanced in the fall, 2019 and once again in the fall, 2020. FHL felt that it was a unique story that just had to be told!

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